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March 2019: What about the Grownups?

February 2019: Life Long Learning

January 2019: Winter Reading List, 2019 – Seven Special Selections

December 2018: Bringing Light to a S.A.D. Time

November 2018: In Appreciation of Gratitude

October 2018: Feeling New in the New Year

September 2018: Essential Thoughts for the New Year

August 2018: If Not Now, When?


May 2018: Ten Commandments and Six Questions

April 2018: Remembering the Past While Looking Ahead

March 2018: In Like a Party, Out Like A Festival

February 2018: What is “Inclusion”?

January 2018: A Roller Coaster Year

December 2017: What’s in a Name?

November 2017: A True Random Act of Kindness

October 2017: Keeping our Holiday Spirits High

September 2017: and the Rains Kept Tumbling Down

August 2017: Harmonizing Despite Differences

June 2017: Ruth: A Legacy of Kindness

May 2017: Battling Anti-Semitism – Beyond “Hating the Haters”

April 2017: Once We Were Slaves; Now We Are Adolescents (OY!)

March 2017: Right Place – Right Time

February 2017: Shhh…Differences Exist in Unity

January 2017: Seventeen Wishes for the New Year, 2017

December 2016: Life and Light

November 2016: America and Judaism: Worlds of Disagreement and Reconciliation

October 2016: Filling the Emptiness

September 2016: A Time for Everything

August 2016: What is “Religion”?

June 2016: Report Card, 5776

May 2016: A Month To Remember

April 2016: Let Freedom SING

March 2016: Giant Steps

February 2016: A Wall that is Opening Doors

January 2016: Another Twist

December 2015: The Real Meaning(s) of Hanukkah

November 2015: Every Day Gratitude

October 2015: Staying High after the Holidays

September 2015: The Fall Classic

August 2015: The Power of Six

June/July 2015: Journeys of Expectations

May 2015: Right and Wrong and Shades of Grey

April 2015: A New Year…Again!

March 2015: Sex, Lies, and Executions

February 2015: From Egypt to Warsaw to Selma and Back

January 2015: Pitching a Big Tent

December 2014: Would You Rather Be Right or Happy

November 2014: Season of Gratitude

October 2014: Balancing the Sacred and Ordinary

Sep 2014: A Couple of Rebbes: Yesterday’s Leadership Working Today and Tomorrow

Aug 2014: Before It’s Too Late…You Have to Be Carefully Taught!

May 2014: Balancing our Blessings

Mar 2014: Pirkei Avot’s Greatest Hits: Community is Number 1

Jan 2014: Learning to Learn

Nov 2013: The Evolution of Celebration

Oct 2013: And now…for the rest of the Year…

Sep 2013: Pop Over and Be Fulfilled

Aug 2013: Preparing for a New Year – WHAT kind of Jew or HOW kind of Jew?

Jun 2013: Better Late than Never

May 2013: A Time for Dedication

Apr 2013: Touching Base with Torah

Mar 2013: Questions for the New Year

Feb 2013: Answer the Call

Jan 2013: The Power of the Spoken Word

Dec 2012: Sharing Spirit