Standing Committees

Membership Committee – The Membership Committee secures affiliation with the Congregation of all like-minded members of the Community.

Finance Committee – The Finance Committee, chaired by TBT’s Treasurer, makes detailed estimate of the income and current expenses for the ensuing year.  Any proposed major expenditure not provided for in the annual budget of the Congregation shall be made first to the Finance Committee which shall report same for discussion to the Board of Directors at its next meeting.

Ritual Committee – The Ritual Committee establishes the form and content of all worship services, rites, and rituals of the Congregation.

Building Committee – The Building and Grounds Committee keeps the building and property used by the Congregation in good order and repair.

Social Committee – The Social Committee plans social activities for the congregation.

Fundraising Committee – The Fundraising Committee plans fundraising events for the Temple.

Education Committee – The Education Committee makes all regulations necessary for the government of the Religious School, provides for a proper staff of teachers, and prepares the curriculum.